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This article will examine an online land title search using this site as a reference and give you few information you really need to know about it. If you have been searching for search land ownership article, then this will offer you some tips, especially if you want to get information about:

  • Mortgagees
  • Deeds
  • Plans of survey for title and so on

However, it is important to note that we can’t conduct a search for you; instead we are interested in giving you information that will enable you to successfully carry out a search. If you browse through the internet, you will see that there are several historic records of land. Copy or download the ones you can, and view the ones you can’t. The trick is making sure you get what you are looking for.

How, where & when to start?

  • Try to find out the organizations that have the records you are looking for. Visit a lot of land record providers online and view their comprehensive lists.
  • Try to use public reference systems- this will help you to make a good order records
  • See historic land records, deed registers and indexes, surveyor’s field books, and so on

Search assistance

  • Try to check with few property record providers or firms like local councils. If you require their services, they can assist you in searching the records or allow you to search it yourself. This varies from one council to another, so try as much as possible to search it yourself.
  • Do your online search including survey records and historic titles. The good news is that there are professional search assistance online- their duty is to help you find a particular property title you are looking for.

Some land records you need to know include, but not limited to:

  • Titles like older certificates of titles, present computer registers, journals and abstracts, and other records that concerns control and management of land.
  • Surveying information including field books and notes, surveyor’s technical records plus cadastral survey plans

How to search

Searching is not as difficult as some people think. If you wish to search for land ownership documents, all you need to do right away is to go to the land registry office in your area, and let them do the search for you.

You will be required to make some payments, but this will depend on the kind of search you are making. If you want to search online, you will need to get a license and get software from the reputable company that provides this service on behalf of the government as the case may be.

Register property documents

The director of land registration must authorize you before you submit any land documents. This authorization is valid for only 5 years, and it is renewable. Few weeks or months to the expiration, you will be notified and the rule stipulates that you renew the authorization on or before 30 days to the expiration date. This is submitted to the electronic land registration system.

Apply to be authorized

To be authorized, you need to do the right things such as:

  • Reading and adhering to the comprehensive guide
  • Downloading and filling the correct application form
  • Accepting and signing the electronic land registration agreement form, and
  • Successfully submitting the completed application. This can be submitted either by email or in person.

Processing time

Usually, applications are reviewed and processed within one week after submission. However, if your application has not been granted authorization, send them an email. They will surely reply you within 2-3 business days and hopefully, your request will be granted. Was this article helpful?

Utilizing online business owner search for history

If the owner of the property is a registered business name, it will be highly advisable, using an online business name search like this.

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