How to Throw the Best Kid’s Parties in Melbourne

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Team of kids playing with lazer tagsWant to throw a great themed party for your child? Do you want to make it an event to remember? We know how to plan great kid’s parties in Melbourne. Everyone loves to have a good time and when we plan a party we make sure that kids as well as adults have a great time.

If you are a busy parent and haven’t got the time to plan a special event, we are your best bet! We will make sure that

  • Everything is ready and planned to perfection so you don’t go through any hassle.
  • The theme of the party is one which your child would love and their friends would too
  • What’s a party without some good food? We believe in providing food which is delicious and healthy as well.
  • Party favors are a must. We will provide a party favor for each guest keeping in mind the theme of the party.
  • Last but not the least we’ll ensure that the children have a great time. After all that is exactly what we and you are aiming for!

Finding the Right Party Supplies

To help you find the best party supplies, here is a checklist

  • A birthday banner, with a picture and the name of your little one
  • Customized tableware. That’s right, kids can be pretty choosy of what they eat but when they are served food in special tableware they will enjoy it a great deal more.
  • Personalized themes for girls from the famous Frozen, Ana and Elsa to old time favorite like Barbie.
  • Personalized themes for boys from minions to teenage mutant ninja turtles.
  • Who can forget the Candies?
  • Balloons and tons of them. We specialize in providing balloon decorations at parties. Make sure you choose from a variety of décor on offer.

All these party supplies need not break your bank. We even offer special discounts on certain items. That’s not all though; if you have a budget in mind, let us know. We will make sure that we work along your budget.

The Best Birthday Party Games

Kids love to enjoy their big day. What better way to enjoy a party with a few games pitched in. some of these are a regular favorite at kid’s parties

  • Musical chairs. The last one seated gets a gift.
  • Photo booths are a must. They can provide a great deal of fun and are enjoyed by both adults and children alike.
  • If you have the space or are having the party in an open area our advice is to go for a jumping castle. Kids love to bounce and have a great time on these. You can hire a toy delivery service to get a jumping castle for you or we could do it for you as well.
  • Lazer tag can be played indoors our outdoors, it is a great way for kids to have fun and show their team player capabilities. Some indoor venues such as Tunza Fun offers great deals on lazer tag in melbourne.

Tunzafun is there to help you find the best birthday themes and ideas for your little ones. Planning birthday parties in Melbourne is now easier than ever with their help. For a hassle free event management make sure you give them a call!

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