Photo Booth Hire for Corporate Events

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Photo booth hire

A photo booth can definitely turn your corporate event into a great success. Everybody will love getting into the booth and taking nicely personalized photographs. Even more so, you can customize your photographs with the company logo. This way, you can advertise your company, products and services in the most innovative way. There are many companies in Melbourne that rent such equipment, you just need to ensure to get it from a reputable and reliable company. You want the best quality photo booth at your corporate event, a booth that is capable to deliver professional grade photographs.

You should look for a corporate branded photo booth that is perfect for any corporate event, promotion, conference or corporate party. Your guests will certainly appreciate your ingenious idea of bringing such a tool for having fun and excitement at the party. Actually, the best companies out there will even brand the exterior of the booth with your branding requirements such as your logo, picture, signature materials, etc.

The photo booth itself can be customized to such an extent, that everybody will believe this is your own custom designed photo booth. There are also different types of photo booths that you can rent for your corporate event, such as oval photo booths, party booths, mirror booths, branded photo booth and many others. For photobooth hire in Melbourne click here to see some of their corporate packages.

Photo Booth Package for Melbourne Events

Melbourne photo booth hireWhen shopping around for a photo booth, you will notice companies offer a wide range of packages. These packages are quite convenient because for a flat fee you can actually receive plenty of bonuses and extras. So what is generally included in a photo booth package:

  • Setting up and taking down the photo booth after the party. You don’t have to worry about anything
  • Up to 4 hours of run time. During this time your guests and business partners can take as many pictures as they wish using the props and other feature of the photo booth
  • Instant printing of the photographs. The booth is equipped with a special printer that allows for the photos to be sent out within minutes. The photos also dry extremely quick so that they can be used immediately!
  • Guestbook included and at least 2 sets of prints. You can start offering the first set of prints as gifts, while the other set should be added to your guestbook.
  • The green screen option- this allows you to add just about any fancy background that you wish ( it could be your company logo for example)
  • Optional HD video message recording. Your guests can leave video messages for you!
  • Boxes with props- such as fancy hats, moustaches and everything else you can imagine!
  • For the entire duration of the photo booth hire, there will be staff present at the event. They can help out with any issues, and they can compile the guestbook for you.
  • Get customized labels that can be added to your prints. You can customize your pictures exactly the way you like.

Renting a photo booth for your corporate event in Melbourne is not that difficult. The experts will bring the booth to your location and explain how everything works. You just need to inform the company on how they should customize the exterior of the booth, and you should also read carefully what is included in the package.

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