Shopping for Compression Tights – The Advantages

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Apart from showing off sleek and toned legs, compression tights are important for runners. Tights are worn for their protective support. Some athletes go as far as to claim that wearing tights while running helps improve performance.

Runner wearing tights

The following are a few reasons why runners prefer to wear compression tights

  • The weather doesn’t stay warm and sunny all the time, compression tights can help keep the legs warm. This in turn reduces cramping. Since compression tights allow the warmth to stay locked inside your body this ensures continuous blood flow to areas which are in constant use.
  • Compression tights are designed with comfort in mind. Irrespective of the weather runners’ sweat. There are some areas on the legs which are prone to excessive sweating like behind the knees. Compression tights are made up of mesh fabric in these particular areas to ensure that sweat dries up faster while the other areas of your body remain warm.
  • Since compression tights have a snug fit these can help protect the skin from rubbing together and reduces chafing due to friction. These tights don’t have any extra seams and provide good support to the legs while working out. People who suffer from leg pains and cramping during exercise can perform better while wearing these tights.
  • Runners who wear tights often feel that they have less wind compression on their legs while running. Though it may only increase their speed by a few seconds, in competition these seconds are what matter the most.
  • In a study conducted on the benefits of compression tights it was observed that individuals who wore compression tights had better circulation and improved performance. Those who wore regular shorts or simple tights didn’t fare as well as those runners who wore compression tights.
  • The conclusion was that compression tights allowed even circulation to the legs and resisted the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. Lactic acid is produced when muscles become overworked and thus runners feel that achy dull pain after a strenuous run.
  • Less lactic acid means faster recovery time.

Mens compression tightsThe benefits of these compression tights can’t be denied. There are lots of runners who swear by the advantages of compression tights. However before buying compression tights make sure of the following

  • The compression tights should be lightweight so that your legs don’t feel weighed down. The extra support is good but if your legs feel heavy you won’t be getting a good running experience.
  • Provide maximum support for both upper and lower legs. The less your muscles oscillate while running the less fatigued you would feel post running.
  • The waistband should be adjustable. It’s really important for women because women tend to have their thin and fat days.
  • The kind of fabric of the compression tights also matters a great deal. Fabric which allows quick drying is better because it reduces the build-up of bacteria and the odor associated with it.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help you purchase the best kind of compression tights. If you want to buy a pair for yourself, make sure you check out these great compression tight products for men at Cheeta Recovery.

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