Urban Planning in Perth Western Australia

Town planning or urban planning services deals with making towns and cities better than we met them; making them habitable for human living. It involves making it habitable and enticing for the citizens, tourists and investors.

If you are passionate about improving roads, housing opportunities, and creating environmental friendly communities in which people can live, and work, then you are a right fit an urban planning studies.

In this short article, we are going to teach you some secrets about this lucrative field. Urban planning aims at improving the quality of lives of people living in a community.

Where urban planners work

Urban planners work for:

  • Educational organizations
  • Consulting firms
  • Architectural firms
  • Banks
  • Economic development agencies
  • Technology firms
  • Commerce departments
  • Public school system
  • Law firms
  • Local, state and federal Governments

Career opportunities in urban and town planning services

There are a wide range of career opportunities within this field. An urban planner can pursue specialization courses in:

  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Economic development
  • Environmental studies, and
  • Urban design

Thus, we have some professionals who are regional planning assistants, transportation planners, housing policy & projects manager, natural resource managers, historic preservation officers, economic development specialists and many more. The services of a town or urban planner keep on increasing every passing day.

How can one prepare for a career in urban and town planning services

Some people have asked this question over time, how a college student can prepare for a career in town and urban planning. Should they pursue a degree in town and urban planning or should they join any professional urban planning organization. To learn more about urban planning in Perth click here to get an understanding of what they do. Perth urban planners like these are some of the best in Australia, so you will definitely learn a thing or two from them.

Some professional urban planners have earned either an undergraduate or post-graduate degree programs in planning. Graduate school is not compulsory, though it enlarges a student’s knowledge base.

One can have a considerable knowledge of urban planning by working with experts, or attending some professional training or joining some professional organizations.

Doctoral degree students can choose a career in policy institutions, research or in academia. Even doctorate graduates should also engage themselves with continuing education in the field by attending to current programs and earning more professional certificates.

A masters or Doctorate degree shows a student’s knowledge and skills. Some employers hire only those that have attended a considerable number of programs, and have track records of urban planning services.

Some of these employers are not really interested in the number of degrees the student has garnered.

The skills in urban planning

The skills and knowledge gained in urban planning studies can be applied to all kinds of jobs and area of interest such as:

  • Food systems
  • Public health
  • Climate change
  • Non profits
  • Hazards & community resilience

In fact a professional certification or degree in urban planning opens doors to endless possibilities. If someone wants to pursue a career in urban planning or town planning, it is necessary to meet an experienced planner, he / she will give you useful information about the training and overall profession.

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